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Natchandra Chimote

Specializes in:Embryology
Experience:32 Years
Education:P.hd ( molecular biology), Msc Organic chemistry
Awards:Best Paper award at Sydney ,Australia

Dr Natchandra Chimote Managing Director of Vaunshdhara Fertility Centre is one of the senior most embryologist of the country and has a lot of first to his name. He was the scientist who made possible the first IVF center of central India, first test tube baby, first blastocyst culture, first ICSI baby and many more. Dr Chimote is also a pioneer in Reproductive Endocrinology and is authority in this field. He first started his work in the field of Embryology way back in 1986 along with his Late Wife Dr Meena Chimote and later on started the first IVF centre of central India Vaunshdhara Fertility centre. His Long and extensive experience of more than 32 years in the field has also given various new protocols and technique to this field even at the international level . Dr Chimote has been representing India for the past consecutive 13 years at International level and has recieved accolades for his pioneering work in the field of embryology as well as reproductive medicine. He also took training at BARC ( Bhabha Atomic Research Centre )and is proficient in the field of Hormone evaluation through RIA ( Radio Immuno Assay).

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